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Little Golden Books, and How My Mother Shaped My Life

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Earlier this week Laura Vanderkam posted about a contest Story Worth was hosting. The theme a story from you mother’s life that inspires you. While I wasn’t interested in entering the contest, it did get me thinking of what I would write about. 

                                              Some of my favorite Little Golden Books as a child.

                                              Some of my favorite Little Golden Books as a child.

Beginning when my brother and I were very, very small, my mom made sure that reading was a part of our life. Every time we went to the grocery store, we selected one Little Golden Book to add to our collection. While Golden Books were meant to be affordable (they cost about 99 cents in 1986), it would have been easy to say that these books were unnecessary. My family was strictly low-income at this time, and frugality was always in play. Even all of our Christmas presents were secondhand, although my brother and I were none the wiser and the gifts were perfectly wonderful.

My mom knew, though, that it was important that we have our own books. We lived in a very rural area and didn’t have a public library of our own. A few years later my mother would start to pay for an out-of-district library card and take us weekly, another testament to her wisdom. At this time, though, that was less of an option. Besides, she knew that being surrounded by books in the home was something that children needed.

For years, I would revisit our bookshelves and page through the many books we had collected. I would pause at the nameplate in the front, reading “This Book Belongs To __________”, where my brother and I had penciled our names in childish writing (we inscribed all of them in one night, reveling in the process). Just last month, my mom asked me if I would like to take some for Hunter’s own library.

So where does this leave me today? I’m a children’s librarian. An avid bookworm my entire life, i could have ended up in any number of professions. Somehow I landed here, preaching the gospel of children’s literature and “read to your baby.” Would I be here if my mom hadn’t filled our shelves with books, reading to us every day? If she hadn’t surrounded me with literature so I could pick up a book at will and familiarize myself with the written word?

Wondering does nothing. None of us has the power to know which forks in the road led to where. All I know is that I am happy I have a mother who knew this was important, and did what she could to make it a part of our life.

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be —
I had a Mother who read to me.*

The Happy Mediavore: May Edition

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The Happy Mediavore


Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin - I’m a Questioner! And a lark, and a finisher...
This Journal Belongs to Ratchet by Nancy J. Cavanaugh - adorable, heartwarming, genuine. This book is so creative, too. Each entry in Ratchet’s creative writing journal follows a different format: persuasive, screenplay, concrete poem.
How She Does It by Anne Bogel - Like many, I love anecdotes, and this ebook is packed with them; there are so many examples of how many tweaked their work to make it fit their season of life.
The One by Kiera Cass - Teen books are my favorite. This is the last in a trilogy about teen girls vying for a prince, Bachelor-style. It takes place, of course, in a future dystopian society. Somehow this series manages to be serious and frothy at the same time.
The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick


Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett; read by John Lee - The third book in the Century trilogy. The first two were excellent; I found this one to be less so. The pacing is very uneven to me and it seems as though he could have actually written a fourth book. There is a just a massive amount of time covered in this one as compared to the first two novels in the saga.
Serial podcast - We binge-listened to this one over Easter travels. Addictive.
Rough Draft podcast by Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger - Lots of great information for web writers here, in convenient audio format!
The Book of Mormon featuring the Original Broadway Cast - Husband took me to see this musical for my birthday. On the drive home, I was happy to find this album in my Amazon Prime Music app. Very catchy songs here.


The Americans, Season One - We’ve watched the first two episodes so far. I’m enjoying it.
Once Upon a Time, Season Two
House of Cards, Season Three - finished!
This vegetable gardening course from Craftsy
The Chef’s Table - A new Netflix docuseries following a different chef in each episode. Just watched Episode 2 featuring Dan Barber and I wanted to cry. Blue Hill Farm is so beautiful, as is Dan's cause in making food and farming healthy and real again.