make mindfulness your default mode

Hi! I'm Lindsy. Thanks for visiting my page.


Unpatterned Mama is about parenting, women's issues, and fun diversions in domestic life. Since becoming a mother, I've learned that there is no one doctrine or method of parenthood that is just right for me. A little of this idea and a little of that, just taking things as they come...that is my "unpatterned" method to parenting and life.


Some things about me:

  1.  I have been happily married since 2010 and have been a mama to a little boy since November 2013.
  2. I chain drink hot tea. My favorite blends are black teas and warm spices.
  3. My hobbies include reading, writing, yoga, cooking, and sewing.
  4. I'm a vegetarian, but I won't say no to a crispy slice of (fresh, local) bacon.
  5. I believe in God and look to Jesus as a model for living life.
  6. I have a hereditary eye disease called optic atrophy. My optic nerve operates at about half of its normal capacity, leaving me with vision that is 20/60 with correction, and some slight color-blindness. The minimum requirement for driving at night is 20/40 vision, so I am a daylight driver only.
  7. I work full time as a children's librarian, a career that I have pursued since I was a high school senior.
  8. I now live in the Chicago suburbs, but I hail from a super-small town (pop. 250) in the lower half of Illinois.

I welcome your comments and would love to hear from you, but please refrain from being mean-spirited, antagonistic, or downright offensive. Different points of view are just fine with me as long as they are stated in a respectful manner. Anything that violates these rules may be deleted.


“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
— Edward de Bono